Adgero’s tech front and centre at Strasbourg demo night

Demo night startup Strasbourg France Adgero Hybrid KERS Kinetic Energy Recovery System SREC

Adgero took to the stage to present their innovative energy-saving hybrid solution for trucks at the Strasbourg Demo night for entrepreneurs recently.

The Demo events are a premier opportunity for the entrepreneur audience to discover new innovative projects and for startup companies to court financial support.

The eighth editon of the event organised by Strasbourg Startups’, featured the themes of IoT (Internet Of Things), smart apps and social media.

Adgero was part of the line-up of seven companies with a five-minute public pitch, with the organisers calling for: “Zero bullshit, only demo!”

Adgero CEO Mack Murray pitched the company’s solution that transforms any HGV into an electric hybrid, greatly reducing its fuel consumption and associated emission by up to 25 per cent. Adgero’s world-first solution allows for enhanced fleet performance with the next generation telematics platform designed for urban, highway and intermodal routes.

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