Adgero judged top pick at Paris efficiency conference

world efficiency conference paris 2015 adgero top pick efficiency conference hybrid kers

Adgero has received the honour of being selected as the top pick of the World Efficiency conference by renowned French journalist Gérard Feldzer.

The Strasbourg-based tech developer was selected by Feldzer, who has received France’s highest decoration – the medal of the Officiers of the Légion d’honneur – for his contribution in the field of transportation, for Adgero’s world-first, energy saving KERS technology for the truck transport industry.

Happening every two years in Paris, the World Efficiency conference is France’s largest cleantech event, bringing together policymakers and business leaders looking for resource and climate solutions.

Adgero’s hybrid KERS technology was on display to a range of inquisitive business owners, engineers, consulates and journalists.

Gérard Feldzer commented on his France Info radio show Circulez! il y a le monde à voir, which translates as “Move! There is the world to see”.

“[Mack Murray] noticed that hauliers used a lot of fuel during acceleration, in urban traffic for example. So he suggests feeding the trailer with electricity that’s not coming from batteries, but from ultracapacitors, which will charge only from the braking energy and take a weight off the motors when starting. And it works.”