Infinitely more efficient

How it works

Adgero is an intelligent system comprising two control units; one on the tractor and one on the trailer.


During acceleration, the tractor control unit communicates with the trailer to manage the boost provided by the trailer’s electrically-motorised axle.
Power is provided by a bank of ultra capacitors.

Regenerative braking

During braking the motor becomes a generator, recovering kinetic energy that would otherwise be lost as heat and storing it in the ultra capacitors.


Enhances fuel efficiency

Adgero enables operators to cut fuel costs by 15 to 25% depending on terrain and traffic profile.

Cuts maintenance costs

Adgero’s regenerative braking system significantly reduces brake wear and associated maintenance costs.

Reduces emissions

By providing electric boost to the vehicle’s diesel engine, nanoparticle and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Remote monitoring

Monitor system performance in real time via 4G connectivity.

Unchanged operating procedures

Because no additional or modified connectors are used, operating procedures remain identical to those of a standard vehicle.


Adgero is compatible with tractors and trailers from all leading manufacturers and can be retrofitted to existing vehicles.

Won’t void your warranty

Installing Adgero on your truck entails no modifications that affect the warranty.

Low maintenance

The Adgero Hybrid System requires under an hour of scheduled maintenance per year.

Built to last

The Agero Hybrid System is designed to outlast the life of your vehicle.


Incentives may be available to finance integrating the Adgero Hybrid System into your company’s sustainable development plan.

Modifying your existing fleet with the Adgero Hybrid System may be eligible for subsidies.

Implementing the Adgero Hybrid System can be beneficial for companies participating in a carbon trading scheme.

Government subsidies and incentives vary from country to country.
Please contact us for a detailed appraisal of the incentives and subsidies available to you.

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